Old Spice Whitewater Shower Gel (400ml)

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Old Spice
Shower Gel
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Old Spice Shower Gel removes unpleasant body odors as well as all kinds of impurities due to an invigorating formula. Besides exfoliating gently, it also features a fresh and long-lasting scent!

Old Spice Shower Gel relies on its pleasant and long-lasting fragrance to cast away bad odors and purify the body as well as the mind. Thus, if used on a daily basis, this formula ends up captivating those around you, making you feel particularly powerful.

\In fact, its invigorating scent awakens your masculinity, removing daily impurities instantly. Suitable for all skin types, despite being extremely effective, this shower gel offers a gentle exfoliation, regenerating as well as smoothing your body’s skin.

In other words, the epidermis is not only softer to the touch but also stronger and truly protected from all kinds of external threats. Enriched with Citric Acid or Magnesium Nitrate, the gel-to-foam formula looks after your skin in an unprecedented manner.

Surrender to the original revitalizing powers of Old Spice and witness the improvements for yourself. Finally, as dirty and questionable odors become less of a concern, this option will certainly boost confidence as well as personal comfort!

Old Spice Whitewater Shower Gel (400ml)
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