Vaseline Men Extra Hydration Moisturizing Body Cream (400ml)

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Vaseline Men Extra Hydration Moisturizing Body Cream for very dry skin actively soothes and moisturizes skin. After a shower, apply Vaseline Extra Hydration body cream for immediate relief from itching and dryness. Regular use of Vaseline Moisturizing Body Cream will help to restore the skin's natural, smooth softness. It is strong enough to instantly restore moisture and comfort, yet leaves no greasy residue. The Vaseline Men moisturizing body cream is specifically formulated with male skin care needs in mind. Skin care experts understand that men's skin is tougher, thicker and more prone to oiliness, and it requires a strong moisturizer that will penetrate deeply without leaving a greasy feel. Daily exposure to environmental conditions like wind and sun can cause your skin’s natural barriers to break down, allowing important moisture to escape. Hydrating ingredients in this moisturizing body cream lock in moisture to soothe and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. Vaseline body cream is the ideal solution for relieving everyday dryness. The light, fast-absorbing and non-greasy formula leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. Apply daily to restore moisture and relieve dryness. Vaseline's expertise in skin care has stood the test of time. Trust Vaseline to soothe and protect your skin.
Vaseline Men Extra Hydration Moisturizing Body Cream (400ml)
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