MamaEarth No More Tangles Conditioner for fizz free hair (200 ml)

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MamaEarth No More Tangles Conditioner for fizz free hair, (200 ml)

Frizz & Tangles can damage your hair, increase breakage and cause split-ends. Hi! I am MamaEarth's No More Tangles Conditioner and I am here to help. I have a combination of the most efficacious natural ingredients that will nourish your hair from root to tip. I have Milk Protein to give you naturally soft and silky hair. Vitamin B5 strengthens hair follicles and helps your scalp get rid of dead skin. Cocoa butter moisturizes the hair making them soft and shiny. I naturally stimulate hair growth while calming the nerves of the head and scalp to reduce inflammation and hair loss. Use me to frizz-free and easily manageable hair.

Cocoa Butter : Cocoa butter has healing & softening properties that makes your hair healthy & shiny.
Shea Butter : Shea Butter is a natural hair sealant that helps keep moisturesealed in and keep hair softer.
Amla Extract : Fill of fatty acids, amla extracts helps in strengthening hairfollicles and thus reduces hair fall.
Fenugreek Extract : Fenugreek contains nicotinic acid as well as proteins thatstrengthens our hair and helps retain natural color of hair.

How To Use:
Step 1 After shampooing, part your hair into two halves. Take a palm full of conditioner and apply evenly from roots to tips..
Step 2 Let it sit for 2 minutes to deep condition your hair.
Step 3 Rinse thoroughly.

Who can use:
• All hair type – The Conditioner is suitable for all hair type
• Frizz free – The conditioner helps to make your hair frizz free and enhances hair texture without being harsh
• Men and Women– The Conditioner is suitable for both men and women

Country of Origin: India

MamaEarth No More Tangles Conditioner for fizz free hair (200 ml)
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