Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream (100 ml)

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Mustela Baby 1 2 3 Vitamin Barrier Cream provides comprehensive care of the diaper area.
Prevents redness and irritation with each diaper change, soothes from the first application, and continually regenerates the skin of your child. It provides outstanding performance because it is specifically designed to fight with the factors that cause redness and irritation at the source.
The unique combination of patented, natural ingredients guarantees its triple effectiveness. Mustela Baby 1 2 3 Vitamin Barrier Cream has been clinically tested, so you can safely use it daily.

Natural ingredients,
No preservatives and fragrances provide a high tolerance from the first days of life.
Any change of diaper remains a pleasure. Cream is very easy to apply and to wash off. Any change of diaper remains a pleasure, it is also easy to spread the cream quickly on your child's diaper area.

Characteristics Mustela Baby 1 2 3 Vitamin Barrier Cream is a product tested under the supervision of pediatricians and dermatologists for optimum safety of your baby.

It contains
98% Ingredients of Natural Origin
Avocado Perseose; sunflower oil distillate; Oxeoline Alcacea; zinc oxide. The product is characterized by: high tolerance; hypoallergenic formula; preservatives-free and fragrances-free formula.

How to use
From the first days of life, with each change of diaper apply a thick layer of Mustela Baby 1 2 3 Vitamin Barrier Cream on the clean and dry skin of your child's buttocks.

In case of persistent or oozing skin changes, consult your doctor.

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Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream (100 ml)
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