Lotus Herbals Youthrx Firm & Bright Face Serum (30 ml)

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Face Serum
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Lotus Herbals YouthRx Firm & Bright Serum is enriched with retinol and vitamin C, a youth compound developed after extensive research on natural source of plant based actives to fight the signs of ageing and enhance radiance. This revolutionary compound constitutes natural extracts of bakuchiol and vitamin C.

Bakuchiol, derived from babchi plant is a natural alternative to retinol which has active compounds of antioxidant found in the seeds and leaves of the plant. It fights visible signs of ageing caused by environmental stressors, nourishes and hydrates the skin.

This serum has an advanced 2 in 1 proven formula to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and boosts radiance. This highly concentrated lightweight serum is formulated to instantly penetrate deep into the epidermal skin.


Lightweight serum that tightens and illuminates the skin
Enriched with the goodness of retinol bakuchiol and vitamin C
Instantly penetrates deep into the epidermal skin
Helps fade fine lines, wrinkles and fight signs of ageing
Enhances radiance and boosts skin firmness
Nourishes and hydrates your skin
Suitable for all skin types
This product is safe, preservative-free, chemical-free and cruelty-free

About the Brand: Lotus Herbals is India's leading natural skincare and cosmetics company, known for their wide range of Ayurvedic and Herbal skin care, hair care and cosmetic products. Combining ancient wisdom from the Vedas with the latest technology, all their products are made from top quality, scientifically developed, herbal ingredients and are free from chemicals and animal-testing.

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Lotus Herbals Youthrx Firm & Bright Face Serum (30 ml)
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