Gillette Skinguard Sensitive Shaving Razor Blades (4 Cartridges)

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Skinguard Sensitive

Gillette SkinGuard Razor is a revolutionary product launched by Gillette. Not every man's skin is the same and if you have acne on your face, or sensitive skin, or simply fear the impact of multi-blade razors on your skin, Gillette SkinGuard razor is the right razor for you. The unique SkinGuard in between the blades shaves right through without hurting your skin. The SkinGuard between the blades is positioned in such a way that it works to minimize tug and pull and cut hair at skin level, thus minimizing contact between your skin and the blades. The new Gillette SkinGuard is also the first Gillette razor in India, which has double-lubrastrips that lubricates the skin and gives you a smooth shave.


  • Revolutionary SkinGuard technology that minimizes contact between the blades and skin
  • Double lubrastrips that leave your skin feeling smooth after the shave
  • Sharpest blades that give you a comfortable shave while reducing tug and pull
  • Absorbs the pressure from the hand and minimizes the pressure on each blade
  • Smooths the skin to protect it from any cuts and nicks from the blade
  • Raises the blades slightly from the skin to minimises the blade contact with sensitive skin
  • Blades fit all fusion handles to give precise shaving experience. Gillette SkinGuard is clinically proven for sensitive skin

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Gillette Skinguard Sensitive Shaving Razor Blades (4 Cartridges)
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