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Formulated in Turkey , create brows that are fuller, thicker and more defined with the perfect natural Indian eyebrow shade.
Foundation: Done!
Blush: Done!
Eye makeup: Done!
Lipstick: Done!
But wait, did you check the eyebrows?

Eyebrows are the most neglected part of your face. While untamed eyebrows can be a turn-off, defined eyebrows make our face look a lot more sharp and enhanced. Just like you don‰۪t forget to define your eyes with kajal, why not give them the beautiful frame of well-shaped eyebrows with Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit, the one stop solution for shaping and defining the brows. The kit comes with a colour pigment, to colour and define the arch and a tinted wax, to hold the colour and is available is a very competitive price point.

The kit components:

  • Colour pigment- Formulated to compliment the natural Indian eyebrow colour, helps to give shape and definition for the shape you desire, whether well arched or soft curve.
  • A tinted wax: Helps in setting the eyebrows and hold the colour pigment for a long time

The kit's helping tools

The Ultime Pro Brow Shaping kit comes with two helping tools to achieve the perfect brow:

  1. The doubled sided brush: The angled-side helps outline the brows while the sponge-side helps in filling the pigment. This duo provides lasting color definition for a naturally beautiful look
  2. Spoolie brush: This helps comb and set the eyebrows

How to use Get Into Shape Brow Kit:

  1. Outline your brows using the pigment with the angled brush
  2. Set and shade your brow with the wax for long hour hold with the help of the spoolie brush
  3. Fill your brows with pigment for a natural looking colour with the help of the sponge brush
  4. Finally, style and finish your brows into shape using the spoolie brush
Faces Canada Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit
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