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Cheryl's OxyDerm Anti Ageing Facial Bleach (200g)

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Facial Bleach
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Bleach that detans, hydrates and aids in skin lightening

Oxderm bleach is a detan bleach that lightens the darkened areas of your complexion which may have appeared due to exposure to the sun. It hydrates your skin by locking the natural water balance in your body that leaves your skin smooth and fresh looking. The Oxy bleach service acts on the sebum production in your skin and control excessive oil from appearing on your skin thereby giving you a matt finish. It depollutes the skin by removing the free radicals and other impurities that get clogged in your skin. The bleach aids in skin whitening.

Step 1

Cleansing - Apply a small quantity on neck and face. Massage for 3 minutes with anti-clockwise movements. Use little water for smooth massage movements. Wipe clean

Step 2

Pre-Bleach Lotion- Apply 6 drops on neck and face and leave on

Step 3

Bleach cream and activator- Mix one big spoon of Cheryl's OxyDerm Bleach Cream with one small spoon of Cheryl's OxyDerm Activator in a glass bowl. Thoroughly mix the two products and apply the mixture all over the neck and face. Avoid application on the corner of nose, mouth, around the eyes and eyebrows. Leave for 10 to 12 minutes. For sensitive skin leave on for 6-8 minutes. Remove the bleach with a spatula and clean the face

Step 4

Post Bleach Lotion- Apply 6 drops on neck and face and leave on

Cheryl's OxyDerm Anti Ageing Facial Bleach (200g)
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