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The Ultimate Guide To Choose The Different Types Of Makeup Brushes

by PALAK MEHTA 19 Oct 2022

Usually, it becomes a hustle to apply expensive beauty products that can give a natural look without using a professional makeup brush. The overall look becomes shabby if not used specific tool. And this happens due to the lack of knowledge about types of makeup brushes and their uses that are created to apply various beauty products. 

There are a set of makeup brushes that are used to enhance the beauty of your face by applying makeup products like a pro. Below are different types of makeup brushes and the ultimate guide to choosing the best makeup brushes for your everyday makeup look.

What Types Of Makeup Brushes Do I Need?

You can find various types of brushes, and people get confused about which brushes are best for makeup according to their skin types and the uses of products. Below we have mentioned the types of all makeup brushes that you must have in your makeup set.

1] Powder Brush

powder brush

A Powder Brush, like the name, is used to apply loose makeup products across the face. It is usually thick, full-fibered, and made of natural as well as synthetic bristles with the versatility to use in performing multiple beauty jobs.

To use it perfectly, you need to dip the brush in the powder foundation and gently apply it in a circular motion to achieve even coverage. It is exponentially the best makeup brush for beginners, especially for applying a mineral foundation with an easy blend.

2] Kabuki Brush

Kabuki is one of those types of makeup brushes that is used to apply loose powder or body shimmer. They are made of tightly packed fibers that swirl your illuminizing in a large circle for an illustrious finish. 

Kabuki brushes are mainly used to apply foundation powder and blushes that you need to swirl in makeup and tap to remove the extra powder. You can gently apply the products following a large circular motion to spread them evenly across the face. Avoid using it aggressively, as it can disrupt the placement of your blush, highlighter, etc.

3] Eye Liner Brushes

The next brush that you can have in your makeup brush set is eyeliner brushes to enhance the overall look of your face. Using eyeliner brushes, you can draw a fine line to achieve a fuller lash or cat-eye look. 

To achieve the perfect eye makeup look, you need steady hands. Using the hash or dot method with an eyeliner brush can give you a perfect cat-eye look.

4] Foundation Brush

Foundation brushes are the best makeup brushes for beginners as it requires less effort and skills to evenly apply the products to the face. These are usually dense and can be pinched flat at the time of application.

Some people use foundation brushes with synthetic bristles that are easier to clean after using liquid products. Makeup brushes and their uses are significant to many people because they are more porous than artificial ones for applying various types of powdery makeup products.

The Foundation brush allows you to get perfectly smooth applications if you start to apply from the middle part of the face and then smoothen the outer surface. Further, you can evenly apply strokes to prevent patches around the edges of the jawline and hairline.

5] Mascara Brushes

Mascara brushes are the tool that you must have in your makeup tool kit. These are unique brushes that have 360-degree synthetic bristles that are bendable so that you can comfortably apply the mascara on your eyelashes.

This is a multi-functional tool that would be great if you know its uses. You can use this brush to apply mascara and can even comb your eyelashes to highlight them when you have applied too much makeup. You can also use the mascara brushes to comb your eyebrows to even out makeup.

6] Stippling Brush

The stippling brush is the same as Duo Fibre Brushes, as both are used to apply foundation. But stippling is the best makeup brush for soft foundation applications or to get air brushed effects that stick with stipple. These brushes are the ideal choice to apply tinted moisturizers and creams because of their lighter finish.

To use the brush, you have to dip the bristles into the liquid makeup or wipe it into a cream or powder and lightly swirl them on your face. Remember, only the tip of the brush should touch your skin to gain brighter shades.

7] Duo Fibre Brush

Duo Fibre Brush contains two kinds of bristles of different sizes with a compact base and finer ones towards the top. These brushes are usually large for applying liquid foundation, but they are also available in small sizes for blending cream, blushes, and liquid highlighters.

You can use a duo fiber brush with light pressure in a circular motion to blend the product into the skin. If you harshly use this brush, these may spread and leave streak marks on your face that may seem ugly.

How Often To Wash Makeup Brushes?

Several types of makeup brushes are available in the market that needs to wash after some time according to their usage. But in general, professional makeup artists and dermatologists recommend washing the set of brushes every two weeks or more until the makeup stuff is visible on the brush.

Besides how often you clean them, it’s more important to know how to clean makeup brushes.

 Normal water can be used to wash them with a facewash or baby shops as they do not contain harsh chemicals. But it is always recommended to use the brush cleanser liquid that is less harmful than normal shops and helps to maintain the natural formation of the makeup brushes.

Bottom Line

Now, as you know about different types of makeup brushes that you should keep in your set, it would be to get an answer for what type of makeup brushes do I need. However, buying the best make up brush set isn't enough; you need regular care and maintenance to use them for long years. Professional makeup brushes are made of very fine fibers that are needed to handle carefully. So, you must go for a gentle wash with a quality makeup brush cleaner to increase their durability. Also, it is always recommended to invest in branded makeup brush than buying them from the local market because these are durable yet give you easy applications of a variety of beauty products.

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