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Best Face Cream for Men

by Prem Surve 17 Jan 2023

Yes, we all know it by now. Men think they're too macho to dab lotions and moisturizers on their faces. But, when it comes to grooming, just a cursory wash and shave won't do it. It's time to invest your precious time in a new skincare regime if you want to put your best face forward in the contemporary world. With limited beauty options, men have a tough time caring for their skin. Skincare for men is critical because all the brutal actions like shaving and dealing with sun damage can be hectic for the skin. Men tend to face skin ageing issues in their late 20s. From dark spots to fine lines, you must endure skin trouble seriously. Fortunately, some versatile face creams for men are available in the market these days, which are also suitable for all skin types. With just mere application in the evening and morning, these face creams for men can give the skin much-needed care and reverse skin damage. To protect you from the concern of choosing the best, we have laid down the best face cream for men. You can review this list and opt for the one you desire.

Beardo Ultraglow All In 1 Men's Face Lotion: This new brand on the block has received quite a few accolades, so it isn't bizarre that it features in our inventory. With a blend of modern ingredients and ancient Ayurveda, this face moisturizer for men is the successive concoction is a free-flowing lotion that moisturizes the face, prevents sun damage, and even lightens the skin tone. Apply it liberally once or twice a day to reap results. 

Jergens Shea Butter Moisturizer: With Vitamin, it's always coffee, o'clock amirite? So a massive shout-out to all the caffeine addicts; if you thought your morning cuppa was your only go-to, think again. You'll always have a strong whiff of your favorite beans with vitamin E and aloe. In addition to the regular skincare routine, the game-changer conditions your face for firmer, healthier skin with a super-supple texture. Need we say more?

Wilder's Prime Men's Face Cream:

Wilder's Prime Men's face cream is a face cream for men who treat their skin right and focus on proper daily skincare. The cream is versatile and can be used as a daily moisturizer and an aftershave lotion. Packed with hyaluronic acid, and vitamins E, A, and, the formula keeps the skin well-hydrated and is extremely nourishing. It also soothes rough skin and targets signs of skin ageing like fine lines, wrinkles,and sagging skin. It does not clog pores and its texture is non-greasy. It is positively suitable for all skin types.

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser: You've got a busy life, hitting the gym at dawn, spending all day at the desk, shuffling between footy and the woman by dusk, and then catching up with the gang to chug. So, if you're under 35, and oiliness is your arch nemesis, consider this your BFF in your regular skincare routine steps– a soothing moisturizer with the benefits of Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Chamomile, and Lavender extracts to rejuvenate and repair.

Lotus Herbal Gel Cream: Ask anyone who's used this face gel. They'll unanimously agree that it's super hydrating, quickly absorbed, and exceptionally lightweight. Let's face it, and if it's made in France, it's got to be par excellence, right? The paraben-free formula tested by dermatologists (of course) lights your face radiantly. What's more, it leaves it moisturized for 24 hours straight. It's a must-try face cream for men!

Nivea Crème: Pure nostalgia is why this cult favourite's our first pick. If there's one constant thing in life, this is a classic handed down for generations, from its signature scent to the little blue tin, even the thick (not sticky) texture. Yes, mum did know best. So apply a layer to soothe, moisturize, undo sun damage, and even heal razor burn.


While it might seem simple, a few essential tips for using face moisturizer will help you get the most significant benefit of every application in your face care routine. Here are answers to the most common queries from men new to skincare:

It's essential to wash your face and dry it thoroughly before using moisturizer. Otherwise, your moisturizer will seal sweat, natural oils and other impurities into your skin pores. In addition, applying it to wet skin can keep the moisturizer from absorbing correctly and may produce a shiny effect.

You only need about a dime size of our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer to cover your entire face:

  1. Apply it to your fingertips.
  2. Gently caress the product with the other hand and apply the moisturizer all over your face, covering around your eyes, entire forehead, and down onto your neckline.
  3. It's OK and absolutely fine to rub the moisturizer into your beard and the skin underneath the beard.

For the best results, you must face moisturizer twice daily, at the advent and end of the day while ardently following your basic skincare routine. Using it in the morning will help you start the day with smooth, refreshed skin that can withstand exposure to things that could cause irritation or dehydration. Applying in the evening, after a hard-working day will help restore the nourishment of the skin overnight, prevent skin dryness, and ensure you wake up with smooth and glowing skin. 

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life of men, we tend to ignore our skin and health. But with the growing age, the realization doesn't stand that prevention is better than cure. Try taking skincare seriously if you are in your 20s, 30s, or even your 40s. These face creams for men will help you opt for a better skincare routine. Regularly using these creams allows you to feel changes in your complexion, skin texture, and even skin damage. Try these recommended face creams and say hello to healthy and nourished skin.

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