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A step by step easy and glowy winter make-up tutorial

by Prem Surve 22 Dec 2022

Winter can be a challenging time of the year for your skin, it doesn't have to be! With a few simple steps, you can create a beautiful and glowy look that will keep your face looking bright and vibrant all season long. In this article, we'll provide you with a step-by-step winter makeup tutorial so that you can create the perfect natural look for any occasion. So get your make-up bag ready and let's get glowing!

1.Apply Serum 

The first step of this winter make-up tutorial is to apply a layer of serum all over the face. Serum is an important part of winter skincare that can help promote healthy and glowing skin. Look for a serum that contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and antioxidants, as these are essential for keeping your skin hydrated and protected during the cold months. Gently massage the MamaEarth Tea Tree Face Serum into the skin in circular motions and let it sit for a few minutes before applying your makeup.

2.Start with Primer

Once you’re done applying your serum, it’s time to start on your makeup look. It is recommended that you choose a hydrating primer containing vitamin E as it will nourish your skin and create a smooth base over your skin. Start by applying primer all over the face to prep the skin, minimize pores and provide a smooth canvas for all the products you’ll be using. Gently massage theFaces Canada Ultime Pro Perfecting Primer into your skin with your fingers and let it set for 1-2 minutes before continuing onto foundation.


Next up is foundation! Choose one that matches your skin tone perfectly so it looks natural and not cakey or patchy when applied. Winter makes our skin extremely dry and flaky which further results in a foundation disaster. We suggest using a cream based foundation as it will help you to get a dewy glow.  Start applying the PAC HD Liquid Foundation from the center of your face (the cheeks, forehead and nose) using a brush or a sponge and gently blend outward until everything is evened out. It is very essential to dampen the sponge if you are using one.

4.Apply Concealer

It's time to start thinking about concealer.Concealer is usually used to cover up imperfections on your skin like dark circles, blemishes, acne spots, etc. When choosing a concealer, it's important to find one that matches your skin tone. The last thing you want is for your concealer to be too light or too dark, as this will only call attention to the areas you're trying to cover up.When applying concealer, always use a brush or beauty sponge instead of your fingers. This will ensure a natural-looking finish by blending the product smoothly over your skin. Apply the PAC Studio HD Concealer on the areas you wish to colour correct and cover up and then start blending outwards.

5.Apply Contour Stick

First, find the contour stick that matches your skin tone. Then, using a makeup sponge, apply the contour stick along your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead. Next, use a clean makeup brush to blend the contour stick into your skin. To blend your contour, avoid brushing back and forth; doing so might mess up your foundation and leave you with a muddy mess of misplaced product on your face. Finally, apply some highlighter to really make your features pop!  Don't apply creamy formulas to the entire area where you want the contour to look because they will spread out as you blend.

6.Apply Compact Powder

Once you have found the right powder for your skin type, the next step is to apply it correctly. When applying powder, be sure to use a light hand and build up the coverage slowly. You can always add more if you need to, but it is much harder to take away once it has been applied. Start by applying the PAC Studio Finish Compact Powder using a fluffy brush in the center of your face and working outwards. Blend it evenly throughout your face as well as neck area. Be sure to pay special attention to areas where you tend to get shiny, such as your forehead, nose, and chin.

7.Apply Blush

If you want to make sure that your blush looks its best, then apply it after you have applied foundation and powder.There are a few different ways to apply blush. One way is to use a brush; another way is to use your fingers. If you use a brush, dip the brush into the product and then tap off the excess before applying it to your cheeks in circular motions. If you use your fingers, simply take a small amount of product on your finger and then dot it on your cheek before blending it out.Once you have applied your Rare Beauty Matte Liquid Blush Soft Pinch Dewy - Bliss blush, be sure to blend it well so there are no harsh lines.

8.Apply Eyeshadow (Go for nude shades)

There are various ways you can apply nude eyeshadow shades depending on the look you're going for. You can use a light hand for a more natural makeup look, or build up the color for something more dramatic. Start by applying a primer to your eyelids to help the eyeshadow go on smoothly and last longer.Next, choose a light beige or ivory shade and apply it all over your lid with a fluffy brush.For added depth, pick a slightly darker shade and sweep it into the crease of your eye. Use a windshield wiper motion to blend everything together.To brighten up your eyes, apply a shimmery white or champagne shade on the inner corners of your eyes.

  1. Shape eyebrows (Using Eyebrow pencil and spoolie brush)

Eyebrow pencils are the key to shapely, well-groomed brows. But before you start drawing on those arches, it’s important to find the right eyebrow pencil for your hair color and skin tone. Once you’ve got that figured out, define the shape of your eyebrows with light strokes using an eyebrow pencil that’s one shade lighter than your natural hair color. Start at the inner corner of your eye and move outwards. Next, use a spoolie brush to blend the color and create a more natural look.Finally, fill in any sparse areas with light feathery strokes. Be sure to go slowly and build up the color gradually so you don’t end up with overly dark brows.

  1. Apply Liner

One advantage of the cooler season is that it assures that there is no runny makeup and smudged liner due to excessive sweating. It is the perfect time to experiment with different eye-liner styles. However if you want to keep it subtle yet glamorous, we would suggest you to go for a tapering winged liner. Trace a thin to thick line from the inner V of your eyes to the edge of your eyes. Draw a slanting line joining the previously drawn line with the outer end of your eyes. Keep the wings close to the edge to make it look subtle. Lastly fill any empty space with the liner. This eye-liner style usually compliments all eye shapes.

  1. Apply eye mascara

Before applying the mascara make sure that the rest of the eye makeup is completed. Then curl your eyelashes using a lash curler. Apply the L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara now, by pressing the wand towards the base of your lashes to give them a fuller, longer appearance. Without making any wriggling motions, carefully extend the wand toward the tips.Wait for your mascara to dry for 15–30 seconds before curling your lashes once more for more beautiful lashes. To achieve thick and long lashes, add a second layer of mascara. In order to prevent unevenness and clumping, wave your wand back and forth. 

  1. Apply lip gloss or lipstick

Our lips tend to be more chapped than usual during winters. Hence, it is very much essential to exfoliate your lips using natural moisturizers like shea butter. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer on your lips and leave it for a few minutes. Then gently scrub your lips for a minute and rub off the moisturizer using a tissue. Also, do not opt  for matt lipstick during winters as it will further dry your lips. Instead go for glossy ones or a tinted lip balm if you want to keep it simple. Further try to apply darker shades as they tend to hide chapped lips better.


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